Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Is What I Found


My son, who is in the Air Force, has always been pretty handy in the kitchen.  While he was recently home on leave, he treated us to a big pot of spaghetti with homemade meat sauce on Family Night.


The recipe is pretty simple and uses common, everyday ingredients most of keep on hand in our pantries OR at least know exactly where to find them in our neighborhoood grocery store, lol!!

1 1/4 pounds ground chuck

a large onion

a couple cloves of garlic

canned Italian-style tomatoes, unless of course you're fortunate enough to have a stash of your own - canned from YOUR garden

some canned OR canned by YOU tomato sauce

some plain, ole water
salt (I only use sea salt, but...whatever you use is fine) and pepper
a little dried basil and dried oregano

8 ounces of angel hair pasta

Now, I felt compelled to throw a splash of olive oil in for good measure BUT
I restrained myself and TRIED to follow the recipe - not always an easy task for me!!

I just had to know how my son came up with such "precise" measurements, quantities, etc.
He said, "Well, duh, MOM, I googled spaghetti recipes and this is what I found!"

Oh, the joy!! My offspring can find a recipe AND follow it -yay!!

This recipe is now (and forever more will be) dubbed 
"My Son's "I googled spaghetti recipes and this is what I found" recipe"

Happy Eating!!

Here's the link from,1626,146169-247206,00.html

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  1. Well ....I goofed a little - rookie mistake (rookie at blogging at least), lol!! The photo of the plated spaghetti w/the onion, garlic, tomato sauce and angel is the true photo of the spaghetti we made and some of the ingredients we used. Think I'll ever get the hang of this stuff??? Lol!!