Saturday, January 28, 2012

Princess Leksi's 2nd Birthday

Today I stood in the kitchen of my nephew as we celebrated his grand-daughter's second birthday. I watched as Princess Leski, the guest of honor, weaved in and out among her guests.  I thought about how our life experiences are woven like fabric, in and out,  through happy days, and some not so happy days. As I stood in the midst of family and friends, I looked around at my daughter - now an adult with a child of her own, my niece - now an adult with a child of her own, and others whom I had watched grow as children and were now weaving a new piece in the fabric of my life and I thought about how much I've been blessed to have known and kept this circle of love for these many years.  You see, these circles never really end, they never close!! Instead, they continue as an unbroken thread that connects us through the years.  Happy 2nd birthday Leksi!! Your great-aunt Donna looks forward to making many, many more birthday cakes for you just as I have for your momma, your cousins and many others in our circle of life.!!

Going retro with a Princess Cake for Princess Leksi to smash, lol!!

a simple chocolate cake w/vanilla buttercream icing and piped decoration

And a retro sheet cake for the guests!!

A simple vanilla cake w/buttercream icing and piped decoration!!

Oh, how I love cake - especially when shared with family and friends!!